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Drug Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Is drug addiction taking over your life?

A life of sobriety might be hard to imagine, but it starts with a choice. And Forward Health in Ohio is here to take the first steps with you.

A substance use disorder (SUD) is a progressive disease that changes a person’s brain and behavior. It’s possible to become addicted to any type of drug – legal or illegal. Some people become addicted to certain medications like anti-anxiety drugs or prescription painkillers while others become addicted to illegal drugs like heroin or crystal meth.

In the United States, the most commonly abused drugs are alcohol, marijuana and nicotine. Many people who suffer from a substance use disorder hide their condition and prefer not to talk about it. This can make it difficult for friends and family to know there’s a problem – until it’s too late.

The good news is that drug addiction is treatable. Forward Health has great success using evidence-based approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, 12-step facilitation and family behavior therapy. To take the first step to getting sober, contact Forward Health in Ohio and let’s talk.

What Causes a Substance Use Disorder?

Why do some people get addicted and others don’t? It’s a great question that researchers have been trying to figure out for years. However, there is no single factor responsible for addiction. Instead, it comes down to a perfect storm of risk factors that include:

  • Having a group of friends who consume drugs
  • Your family’s attitudes and beliefs toward drugs
  • Lack of family support
  • History of childhood trauma
  • Family history of addiction
  • Your genetics
  • Presence of a mental health disorder

When is it Time to Get Help for a Drug Addiction?

Many people assume they need to have a severe addiction before they can access help, but this mentality can delay treatment. In reality, you can get help for a drug addiction at any point in time. If you feel that drugs are taking over your life and making it difficult to function, there is a treatment program for you.

Forward Health offers a wide range of outpatient treatment services for individuals struggling with a substance use disorder. As an outpatient rehab in Ohio, you can access the help you need without having to leave your home and community. We feel that staying connected to a support network is critical to long-term healing.

Here are some signs that it’s time to get help for your substance use disorder:

  • Substance is taken in larger amounts and over a longer period of time than expected
  • Efforts to cut down or control the use of the substance are unsuccessful
  • Lots of time spent using and recovering from drugs
  • Craving or strong desires to use substances
  • Continued use of drugs despite negative consequences
  • Gaining tolerance and experiencing withdrawal effects when trying to stop

Are You Ready to Move Forward in Your Life? Start Drug Addiction Treatment in Ohio Today

Forward Health is an outpatient treatment center that offers intensive outpatient, traditional outpatient, and partial hospitalization. With our accessible location and flexible meeting times, you can stay closely connected to your support network while receiving personalized care.

Research shows that having a supportive social network can lead to improved outcomes in addiction recovery. However, if you feel that you need more structure than what you’re receiving at home, we can recommend supportive housing. Ultimately, our goal is to help clients transition to their everyday life while teaching them essential life skills they can apply right away.

If you are ready to start your path to sobriety, contact Forward Health today. We look forward to helping you begin a journey of hope, healing and happiness.

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