5 Tips on How to Maximize Your Health Insurance Benefits for Drug Rehab

using health insurance benefits

After years of substance use, it’s a great feeling when you or a loved one commits to change. But paying for addiction treatment services is not easy, especially if you’ve been out of work or don’t have money saved up. The good news is that if you have insurance, whether it be Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UMR, Medicaid or something else, you will likely have some coverage for treatment services. 

Below are some tips for maximizing your benefits when paying for drug rehab in Ohio. 

Tip #1. Talk to your insurance company and understand your benefits. 

Your insurance company is a great place to start when you want to understand your benefits better. Health insurance can be confusing, and you don’t want to misunderstand something and have it cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Find out what specific coverage you have for behavioral health services, and if there are requirements you have to meet before your coverage kicks in, such as a deductible or copay. You can also ask your insurance for a list of treatment centers they cover in your area.  

Tip #2. Get in touch with the admissions department.

Whether you have one single treatment center in mind or several, it’s best to speak to them directly. When you call Forward Health, you’ll be greeted by a trained and compassionate admissions counselor who will answer your questions, run your benefits and explain your coverage. 

The benefit in speaking with each treatment center is that you can find out their treatment costs. Each rehab facility charges differently for their services, so this will determine how much you pay out of pocket. 

Tip #3. Consider an outpatient program. 

Now that you have the information you need, it’s time to choose your level of care. Higher levels of care, like residential or inpatient treatment, cost more. Some people need this level of care, but others do very well in an intensive outpatient or outpatient program in Ohio

Outpatient care is cheaper because you can live at home and commute back and forth for therapy, counseling and other services. You can also work and attend outpatient care, which allows you to earn some money. 

Tip #4. Keep on top of all paperwork and documents.

Each year, read your plan’s coverage documents. Things change, which means a treatment center that was in-network last year may not be any longer. Keep all receipts and documents for the services you receive, and be aware of any special perks you might get with your insurance plan. For example, your plan may offer discounts on yoga classes. 

Tip #5. Take advantage of preventive care. 

Most insurance plans make preventive care affordable so that people are encouraged to see their doctors regularly. Regular medical care can identify, treat and/or prevent chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. 

Take advantage of these benefits, as it’s important that you’re receiving good medical care while recovering from an addiction. Plus, seeing your doctors regularly can help prevent relapse and another stay in drug rehab. 

These six tips will help you make the most of your insurance benefits. To verify your coverage, contact Forward Health in Ohio at 614-567-6274.