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People of all walks of life can become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

As serious and debilitating as substance use disorders (SUDs) can be, they are treatable. Every day, people are working at their recoveries and enjoying their new, sober lives. Forward Health is here for you as you set foot on this life changing journey.

Below are the types of addictions that we treat. You do NOT have to be at your lowest point to access help. We have various levels of treatment to support people in recovery regardless of where they are in the process.

Alcohol Addiction

An alcohol addiction can begin innocently by having a beer or two with friends. To some people, this feeling is incredibly desirable and they begin relying on alcohol to have fun, relax and unwind around others. Before long, people become dependent and need more alcohol to feel the same effects. This puts them at risk for developing an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

An alcohol use disorder involves a strong urge or desire to use alcohol. Those with an AUD have trouble controlling their drinking, even when it causes problems in their lives. And if they try to decrease or stop drinking, they’ll have severe withdrawal effects. As serious as alcohol addiction is, it is treatable with medications and therapy.

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Drug Addiction

From crystal meth to cocaine to marijuana, Forward Health treats all types of drug addictions. Many people start taking drugs to escape physical or emotional pain. But as drugs are used more often, changes occur in the brain, signaling an intense need for the drug of choice. What was once used for recreational purposes now becomes a full-blown addiction.

Substance use disorders (SUDs) are progressive and debilitating. It is not up to the individual to overcome them on their own. As with other chronic diseases, SUDs require treatment. They cannot be overlooked or ignored otherwise they will lead to health problems and issues at work, school and home.

Forward Health treats drug addictions using counseling and behavioral therapies. All treatment plans at Forward Health are personalized to each client’s needs and modified regularly based on their progress.

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Opioid Addiction

Opioid addictions are characterized by powerful urges to use opioid drugs. These drugs change the chemistry of the brain and lead to tolerance. It doesn’t matter whether a person is abusing prescription opioids or heroin off the streets. Opioids are highly addictive and cause the same changes in the brain.

Opioid abuse can also lead to life-threatening health complications like respiratory distress and overdose, especially when combined with other drugs like alcohol.

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Co-occurring Disorders

There is a strong link between substance use disorders and mental health disorders. Roughly half of people who have mental illness also develop a substance use disorder at some point in time. Thankfully, both conditions respond well to behavioral therapies and a complete recovery can be made.

Forward Health has experience treating co-occurring conditions. While these disorders are harder to treat and do require more intensive therapy, they are treatable. During treatment for a co-occurring disorder, you will work through unresolved trauma and develop healthy ways to cope.

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