Does Beacon Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

If you’re a Beacon member, it should cover at least some of your inpatient or outpatient care costs. Beacon specializes in mental health and addiction treatment, meaning the amount covered may be higher than some other providers.

However, most people access Beacon as part of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Your coverage is most likely delivered through your employer, and you’ll have to check with their plan and policy to see what is covered.

As of 2022, Beacon worked with a network of 105,000 behavioral health and wellness providers, including a significant portion of the 31,000 rehab facilities in the United States. This means your Beacon Insurance is very likely to cover drug rehab.

Beacon specifically covers:

  • Detox Treatment
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Residential Rehab
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Individual or One-On-One Therapy

Beacon Insurance and Inpatient or Residential Care

Beacon Insurance offers extensive inpatient rehab coverage. Once you meet your deductible, Beacon Health Options covers most inpatient care costs. That makes Beacon one of the better insurance providers for inpatient and partial hospitalization treatment.

Beacon Insurance and Outpatient Treatment

Beacon Insurance offers significant support for outpatient care, with coinsurance pay hovering around 5%. Otherwise, Beacon may pay most or all of the total care. However, depending on your plan, it will depend on your insurance card or employer. This is important to check because Beacon has 22+ different plans and solutions per organizations they work with.

In addition, Beacon never covers therapy or treatment delivered outside an office or healthcare facility. This means that you need evidence-based and FDA-approved treatment to get coverage.

Beacon Policy Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

Beacon Health Options focuses on continuity of care, ongoing care, and aftercare. Its EAPs focus on delivering ongoing rather than episodic treatment, meaning individuals are encouraged to seek longer-term rehab, move into therapy and ongoing treatment after graduating from drug programs, and even use halfway and sober house support.

Dual diagnosis treatment and support, including physical and mental healthcare Physician coverage and prescription medication

Mental healthcare, including counseling, therapy, psychotherapy, and medication Ongoing Treatment

However, specific types of treatment covered usually depend on your particular Beacon plan. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to call the number on the back of your Beacon card to request more information and to ask about a specific treatment.

In addition, all substance abuse treatment requires prior authorization. You’ll have to call Beacon and get pre-authorization for any residential or outpatient treatment program you want to attend.

Beacon Mental Health Coverage

Beacon Insurance provides significant mental healthcare coverage with support for psychiatric diagnostics and evaluation, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, neurobehavioral testing, residential mental health treatment, withdrawal management, and emergency treatment for suicidal behavior, eating disorders, and other problems.

Most of these treatments require prior authorization. However, Beacon will likely cover these services in full, minus the costs of any copays or coinsurance.

Beacon PPO: Out of Network Providers

Beacon offers coverage for over 105,000 behavioral health and wellness centers in the United States. However, if you want to go to a treatment center not covered under their network, you may not be able to get compensation. Therefore, it’s essential to check with Beacon, your employer’s health insurance coverage, or contact us at Forward Health Ohio to see if your plan includes us.

In most cases, you will only get out-of-network coverage during an emergency situation. You may be responsible for paying in-network fees and deductible payments. If you choose to go to a facility that is not covered, you will pay the full cost of the service out of pocket.

Getting Help

Beacon Health rehab coverage includes Forward Health Ohio for most plans. Suppose you’re looking for help with substance abuse. In that case, our trained and licensed staff, including nurses, psychiatrists, and physicians, can provide the mental, emotional, and clinical support you need to improve. Plus, with full support from top drug and alcohol insurance providers like Beacon, we can help you do so affordably.