Ohio Drug Rehabs

Ohio has faced a number of illicit drug abuse issues in recent years. In 2015, 45% of all fatal overdoses in Ohio were from heroin abuse. Alcohol and marijuana abuse among adolescents in Ohio is also higher than the national average, making youth more susceptible to addiction

Ohio Addiction Treatment

Many substances have caused problems in Ohio’s communities, but certain drugs pose the greatest threat to residents:

Drug trafficking operations from Mexico and the Southwest border states are Ohio’s primary drug supply sources. Ohio has the eighth largest national highway system, which carries the seventh highest volume of traffic in the nation. This allows drug transporters to blend in with the natural flow of traffic.

Teen substance abuse is also a major concern for Ohioans. Around 24 percent of high school students reported binge drinking during any given month in 2011, versus 22 percent of high school students nationwide.

While rates of accidental overdoses have skyrocketed in recent years, many of Ohio’s residents are seeking treatment.

Rehabs in Ohio, as well as centers across the nation, are prepared to help those in need of treatment for any type of addiction.  Treatment providers can help. Contact us today at Forward Health to learn more about available options.

Laws of Drug Abuse In Ohio

Ohio has a highly segmented penalty system for drug possession crimes. While possessing one type of drug comes with certain penalties, another substance may have an entirely different set of punishment criteria.

Ohio Addiction Treatment

Ohio’s treatment centers such as Forward Health can offer comprehensive, personalized options that can fit you or your loved one’s specific needs. 

In 2014, Ohio expanded its Medicaid coverage to residents, making addiction treatment services available to more people in need of help. But if you don’t have Medicaid, there are still other ways of paying for treatment. In addition to financing options, many of the basic services offered by rehabs are covered by most health insurance plans. Be sure to check with your health insurance provider to find out which types of treatment your benefits can cover.

Finding the right treatment center can become overwhelming, especially if you limit your options to what’s closest to home. But oftentimes, the right form of treatment for you or your loved one could be located out of state. That’s why some people choose to go out-of-state in order to get the care they need. People who travel out of state for rehab find that they can focus better on their recovery because they’re far away from the environment that once sparked their addiction.