United Healthcare & Alcohol Coverage

Paying for treatment is one obstacle many people who suffer from addiction face on their road to recovery. However, insurance can often pay for a significant part of recovery. Navigating insurance policies and finding what is or isn’t covered can be overwhelming. Insurance doesn’t need to be a challenge. If you have United insurance and need help finding a drug or alcohol rehab program, our advisors here at Forward Health Ohio can help. We have specialists that can help you find the information you need to understand your policy. United Healthcare is the largest healthcare provider in the world and is ranked 6th on the 2019 Fortune 500.

Since it was founded in 1974 as Charter Med Incorporated, United Healthcare has provided services to improve the health and well-being of its members. They currently serve 115 million customers worldwide. As a result, they have one of the largest networks to help you find coverage for addiction services.

United Healthcare provides coverage for addiction treatment with most plans. Some of their covered services include:

  • Inpatient Hospital Detoxification
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Detoxification
  • Outpatient Alcohol And Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

Also, screening and counseling in a primary care setting for drug and alcohol abuse is part of United Healthcare’s yearly preventative care.

Does United Cover Drug Rehabilitation?

United Healthcare does cover drug rehabilitation in its services. Which services are covered depends on your policy and service needs, such as whether the program is inpatient or outpatient. Their PPO network tends to offer the most range of substance abuse treatment facilities. Some policies do require pre-certification, or pre-authorization, for services. Pre-authorization means that you need to be approved for coverage before using services. Besides individual and family plans typical of most insurance companies, United Healthcare also offers short-term medical plans. These plans often cover substance abuse treatment programs. The only exception is their lowest premium plan, Short Term Medical Value.

However, what services they cover specifically depends on your plan and service needs. Your level of coverage depends on a variety of factors. Your specific needs, such as whether you need inpatient or outpatient services and the length of your stay, will affect the price of your treatment and how much insurance will cover. In addition to pre-authorization, United Healthcare often requires documentation that explains why inpatient rehab is medically necessary. They will cover detox if they deem it medically necessary.

United Healthcare does not cover specific treatments, such as Methadone. Also, they do not include some costs associated with outpatient care. You can contact the customer support line to get the details on your specific plan. You can also check your summary of benefits to see what is covered under your policy and if pre-authorization is necessary.

Also, contact our experts to get help if navigating insurance is too overwhelming.
Our advisors can help you learn more about your coverage and navigate insurance coverage.

Does United Healthcare Cover Alcohol Rehab Centers?

The road to alcohol addiction treatment is not always the same as drug treatment. It may take a while before you or your loved one realize that alcohol has become a real problem. You may even wonder if your drinking is enough of a reason to be covered by insurance. Since the Affordable Care Act was made law, insurance companies have expanded their substance abuse treatment coverage. United Healthcare offers a wide range of coverage for those seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. As one of the largest healthcare providers, United Healthcare has an impressive network to provide health. United Healthcare has more than 125,000 employees. Also, they offer more than 3,600 locations for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatment. United Healthcare requires treatment at a facility that provides comprehensive, individualized treatment plans. Also, there is a limit on how many times inpatient services are covered. United Healthcare only covers up to 190 days in a residential psychiatric hospital. They also require patients to demonstrate a medical need to attend more than one substance abuse treatment facility. You can get the specifics of your plan from United Healthcare customer support or your summary of benefits. You can also contact our advisors for information and support.

United Healthcare also offers a Substance Use Helpline that you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get confidential support, guidance on treatment options, help finding a network provider, and answers to your questions — including concerns about your health or care for a family member, coverage, cost of care and more.

Mental Health Services

The Affordable Care Act requires that mental and behavioral health is covered. As a result, United Healthcare provides mental health services through its extensive network of care providers. These providers include therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists. Often, additional mental health services are necessary for drug and alcohol treatment. Mental health challenges often lead to addiction, so treatment for mental wellness is required. The law required that insurance providers cover mental health services like medical ones. This means that copay and mental health coverage must be comparable to their medical coverage.

Behavioral Health Services

United Healthcare emphasizes the best drug and alcohol addiction care. As a result, United Healthcare created a separate division specifically for behavioral health. Called United Behavioral Health, this division allows you to speak with a substance abuse healthcare professional confidentially. United Behavioral Health covers various issues, from everyday problems to severe challenges. Their extensive network covers treatment, including:

You can contact United Healthcare customer service to see what services you qualify for and if pre-authorization is required for your care. You can also check through their online portal for members, myUHC. Our experts can also help you find the information that you need.

United Healthcare Coverage For Substance Abuse Treatment

Paying for treatment doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With the right help, you can find the right program and be on the road to recovery. If you have United Healthcare coverage and need help finding treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction, contact Forward Health Ohio to get the help you need. We have the expertise to help you understand your policy, how to get pre-authorization if necessary, and navigate insurance channels. For Substance Abuse, Detox & Mental Health Issues For Substance Abuse, Detox & Mental Health Issues