3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your UMR Plan

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UMR is UnitedHealthcare’s third-party administrator, or TPA. It’s the nation’s largest TPA, and it has been long known for being a pioneer in revolutionizing self-funding. UMR makes sure that all claims are paid correctly so that your health care costs are kept to a minimum while you focus on taking care of your physical and emotional needs. 

It can be difficult to understand UMR since it’s not an insurance provider, but keep in mind that it’s here to help, not make things more confusing. If you have any questions or concerns about your insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to contact UMR. The third-party administrator focuses on listening to customers and building long-lasting relationships. 

Below are some tips that will help you make the most of your UMR plan

Access Your Patient Portal 

In August 2022, UMR transitioned to HealthSafe ID. The goal is to keep members up to date with the latest security measures and user experience. This cloud-based platform enables a secure, single sign-on with multi-factor authentication, high levels of Protected Health Information (PHI), HIPAA security, consumer alerts and notifications. 

Once you access your account, you can take charge of your healthcare needs. Some of the things you can do from your patient portal are: 

  • Find a provider in your area
  • View and pay past and current bills
  • Review recent discharge summaries and doctor visits
  • Request prescription refills
  • Message your doctor privately 
  • Check benefits and coverage 

Utilize Online Service Tools 

Another way to make the most of your UMR plan is by viewing the educational materials online. For example, UMR has an online site tour that will get you familiar with their online services. The site tour explains the different tools you have access to and how they can support your journey to better health. 

UMR also offers members its Healthy You magazine that is packed with helpful articles, tools and resources. You can download the magazine on your tablet or mobile device and read it at your convenience. UMR also has a YouTube channel, a Find a Provider tool, a health education library, glossary and so much more! All of these resources are free to you.

Use In-Network Providers 

When you find providers through the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus provider network, you know you’re getting the best rates. These doctors and medical facilities have agreed to reduce what they charge for their services, reducing 20 to 30 percent or more off your bill. 

The provider search tool also shows information about the cost of care. Look for providers labeled Premium Care Physician, as this indicates the provider meets the criteria for providing quality and cost-efficient care. Click on a specific provider to view average cost estimates for office visits and treatments.

These three tips will help you make the most of your UMR plan. To verify your insurance coverage and benefits, contact Forward Health in Ohio at 614-567-6274. We provide treatment services for substance use and mental health disorders.