Using FrontPath Insurance to Pay for Drug Rehab in Ohio

insurance for rehab

FrontPath Health Coalition is a non-profit, cooperative venture that partners businesses, public entities and labor organizations with healthcare providers in the community. The business coalition is dedicated to serving their members with high quality healthcare. If you are a member of FrontPath, rest assured that you have options for addiction and mental health treatment services. 

As a FrontPath member, you have open access to a strong PPO network, with providers in Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan and Northeast Indiana. You can find a provider of your choice by using the website or consulting with the treatment center of your choice. Treatment centers that accept private insurance may accept FrontPath. Forward Health in Ohio is proud to be one of them. 

How Does FrontPath Work? 

FrontPath works a lot like a typical PPO plan. You must pay all the costs up to the deductible amount before the plan pays for covered services. You will also be responsible for making any premiums and copayments. As with other PPO plans, choosing an in-network provider will typically save you some money. 

You are still free to choose an out-of-network provider, though your insurance plan may cover less of your costs. The best way to know what your insurance will cover is by contacting them directly, or having the treatment center of your choice run your benefits. In this case, you can also get accurate costs, since each treatment center charges differently. 

What Types of Treatment Services are Available? 

FrontPath will help cover the costs of both inpatient and outpatient treatment services. There are also no limitations or exclusions, unless you require inpatient services for substance use. Prior authorization will be needed for this type of care.

The services FrontPath offers coverage for are: 

  • Mental and behavioral services. FrontPath provides coverage for both outpatient and inpatient services for mental health and behavioral health. These services may be necessary to treat serious mental illness and behavioral disorders. 
  • Substance use disorder services. Under the ACA, substance use disorders are recognized as mental health disorders. FrontPath offers coverage for both outpatient and inpatient services for substance use disorders. 
  • Detoxification for alcohol and substance use. Before starting an inpatient or outpatient program, many people need detox services. Your FrontPath plan will cover these services. 
  • Medication therapy management. Medication is often needed to treat mental health disorders, behavioral disorders and substance use disorders. You can get your medications covered by your plan. 

Verify Your Benefits and Start Recovery Today 

Forward Health is an outpatient treatment facility in Ohio that can start you on the path to recovery. Many of our team members are in recovery, which means we understand the challenges you are going through. We believe that if someone wants help, they should get it. This is why we work with all types of insurance plans, and we work with FrontPath as well. Contact our admissions department to run your benefits and see how much our outpatient services will cost.